A conclusion and summer time blogging

After blogging about mediating translations, I have forgotten to tie up loose ends by posting a conclusion about my thoughts on each of the mediating translations. I am reminded that I should add a conclusion to the series, which will be the next post.

The next series, which will likely be on dynamic or functional translations, will likely take place in the Fall of 2008. Summer time is when I slow down to take more time for rest, relaxation and vacation. The two series on bible translations—one on formal translations, and the most recent one on mediating translations—required a lot of time. I will leave it for the Fall when I will return to spend more time blogging about in-depth scriptural issues. In the mean time, I think I will do more reading of others’ blogs than writing of my own because I foresee that I will have less time.

3 thoughts on “A conclusion and summer time blogging

  1. Probably of the ones using simpler or more modern vocabulary. I’ve collect in the past month the:

    New Living Translation (2nd Ed.)
    Contemporary English Version
    New Century Version
    Good News Bible
    Easy-to-Read Version
    New Life Version

    This last one has been pretty awful in almost every comparison I’ve used it for, so I doubt I’ll use it. Also, you’ll notice that the NIrV is missing, I’ve not found a good copy in person and may look to get one off Amazon. However, it might be almost too simple, not sure.

    I think the NLTse, CEV, NCV, and GNB would make a good comparison though. Are there any widely available translations I’m overlooking?


  2. Thank you for two very informative series, I look forward to your concluding remarks. I’m considering doing a comparison of my own in the future, but I also am cutting back a bit for the summer.


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