Yeah, way to go Detroit Red Wings, the Stanley Cup Champions

This time the Detroit Red Wings held onto their lead in the third period to win the coveted Stanley Cup in game 6. Way to go Red Wings! However, they won on Pittsburgh’s turf without the sea of fans in red in the stands. I was going for Detroit and I’m happy for their win. They outplayed the Penguins and outshot them 30-22.

Detroit has set a hot pace as winners of the cup in four of the last 11 seasons. This is their 11th time as Stanley Cup Champions in the history of the franchise. Henrik Zetterberg won the Conn Smythe trophy as MVP in the playoffs. Nicklas Lidstrom also becomes the first European captain of a Stanley Cup Championship team. Red Wings coach, Mike Babcock, who is also from my town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has won his first Stanley Cup in his second try at it. Way to go! And way to go Red Wings!

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