Why is Hillary Clinton reluctant to concede defeat to Barack Obama?

It’s pretty much official that Democratic Senator, Barack Obama, will be the one to run for the presidency. But Sen. Hillary Clinton does not seem to want to accept reality and does not know how to accept defeat. Most politicians who lose a race are gracious and will bow out and say good things to the victor but she does not seem to know how to do it.

Why is she being so stubborn? Does she want to use her support as a bargaining chip to get on the ticket to become Vice-President? I think she is playing hardball with Barack Obama. It is a strong possibility and seems obvious. Is it painting her as a sore loser? It’s possible. Yes, she has fought long and hard to campaign to become the Democratic candidate but so has Barack Obama. If Obama lost, I feel he would know how to bow out with grace.

Obama has taken the high road, as usual, and has already been very gracious to Clinton, despite her refusal to bow out, congratulate and lend her support to him for his victory as the official Democratic candidate in the race for the presidency.

I won’t say whether I support the Democrats or Republicans, but I can say this Democratic race has been very exciting because we have the first woman and black candidates running for President of the United States. It’s something I haven’t seen in the Republican Party yet. It has been very interesting to listen to some of Obama’s speeches. I have to say that he is a very inspiring speaker, and is one of the most powerful political speakers I have ever heard in decades.

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