Blogs added on New Epistles blogroll

I am usually slow at adding blogs to my blogroll but most recently, I have added some blogs to my blogroll—all great bloggers of scripture or theology. These include:

Revelation is Real by Tony Siew, author of “The War between the Two Beasts and the Two Witnesses: A Chiastic Reading of Revelation 11:1-14:5”, and New Testament lecturer at Trinity Theological College, Singapore.

MetaCatholic by an Anglican priest who’s a very intelligent blogger.

Participatory Bible Study by Henry Neufeld, a writer and lecturer, president of a bible school.

Lingamish by David Ker, a bible translator-missionary and pastor.

Thoughts and Meditation by Mike Aubrey, a student of linguistics and he hopes to work in bible translation.

And also of honorable mention are other great bloggers whom I have added on my blogroll in the recent past (or older past) are:

Connecting by TC, a fellow pastor in ministry and a true scholar of the biblical Greek language.

Discipulus Scripturae by Nathan Stitts, a graduate-level university student who is working hard to learn Greek on his own. Way to go Nathan!

Bible Design & Binding by Mark Bertrand, who blogs about bibles and posts photos that bible-lovers will drool over.

5 thoughts on “Blogs added on New Epistles blogroll

  1. Oh come now Doug, you’re still a RC and now you’ve been given the additional subtitle “a very clever blogger”.


  2. Kevin, thanks very much for adding my metacatholic blog. I am, however, Anglican and not Roman Catholic


  3. Hi Kevin,

    Tony Siew is a NT Lecturer at Trinity Theological “College”, Singapore.

    Take care.


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