FLDS case of polygamy in Texas

In this recent scandal that has been released into the media, polygamy will never been seen the same again. The exposure of this largest case of sexual abuse outranks all other previous cases of polygamy. I have never fully understood polygamy, but when it is seen in this light, I will never see sexual abuse in the same light again. This even trumps the infamous cases of sexual abuse of young boys by catholic priests.

What makes this case so unique is the sheer number of women and children who have been abused by a few men. It is serious, humorous, sickening, and shocking– all at the same time. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry but what I do know is that polygamous relationships will be seen in increasingly negative light by more people than ever.

Previously, I did not even know what the difference was between LDS and FLDS. Members in the FLDS church will undoubtedly be embarrassed by this case. Rape and sexual abuse of under-aged girls is something that I think even FLDS would not condone, or at least, I hope not. It is very sad that these women have not been educated and have been brainwashed by the time they reach puberty. It is trap without escape because they think marriage of their teenage daughters to the same man is the will of God. They do not think there is anything wrong with their own 16-year old daughters marrying their own husband.

I am surprised that it took this long for this case to come to light. I hope that these women can break out of this trap and begin to realize that their lifestyle is not normal and is unhealthy.

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