A Republican McCain-Huckabee ticket may work

Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, is a social and economic conservative and is a natural choice for social conservatives. As a candidate, he is quite attractive but at this time, he seems to be up against a very steep uphill battle against John McCain for the Republican nomination. Huckabee has a very likeable down-to-earth style that allows him to easily make a connection with social and economic conservatives that John McCain does not do. Like Barack Obama, Huckabee also has a charisma, although it’s one that seems very different. From my perception, I would describe Obama’s charisma as a hope-filled and inspirational style, whereas, Huckabee’s is a down-to-earth positive “we-can-do-it” style of charisma. They both have charisma but I would say that Obama’s extreme charisma makes him a very compelling and likeable candidate (as I have previously blogged about).

In my opinion, Huckabee is a better Republican candidate than McCain because he has more substance and charisma. If Huckabee had more time on his side he might be able to make gains on McCain. But at this point in the race, McCain is so far ahead of Huckabee that it will be very difficult for him to catch up, even with the gains he has made in the polls. Huckabee has time on his side. He’s 52 years-old, whereas, McCain is 71. He should definitely consider running in the future presidential election in 2012. What Huckabee has going for himself is that he has an image as an honest politician and he seems to have a trustworthy character and personality. What he has going against him is the typical negative stereo-typing that is pinned against him by liberals. However, if Huckabee gets picked by McCain as his vice-presidential running mate, it’s a ticket that has a chance to challenge Barack Obama. Huckabee would be a natural choice for McCain because he can really help make inroads for social conservatives, especially in the southern states. McCain will need a running mate who can get social conservatives to vote for him. So at this point, a McCain-Huckabee ticket is looking more attractive.

6 thoughts on “A Republican McCain-Huckabee ticket may work

  1. Huckabee’s campaign ad sounded very persuasive. With Chuck Norris on his side, who else would make a better endorsement?


  2. As someone who voted for Bush both times, I’ll probably vote for a Democrat this time around. My voting issues have changed quite a bit in the last 4 years and that will be reflected in my vote. I’m holding final decision on how I vote pending who takes the Dem. nomination, but McCain (& Rep. party) is a bit problematic for me.

    I’d have voted for Huckabee though, didn’t you see his campaign add?



  3. But the same might also be said for McCain. Right now, it seems McCain doesn’t really resonate with conservatives so that’s going to be a problem for Republicans. Some conservatives/Republicans seem dead-set against him. And I don’t know if McCain is trustworthy either. If Republicans can’t vote for McCain or Huckabee, then who’s left?


  4. Kevin, I agree with you about the McCain/Huckabee ticket. It would have a better chance at winning.

    But there has been a major problem, in that Huckabee has been “exposed” by other Republicans/Conservatives as being not all that he appears to be. He has been made out to be a political opportunist who goes whatever way the wind blows. I think this campaign to discredit him has caused his failure to win over the Republican party.

    I would love to support him. He says a lot of the right things for me. But I’m sorry to say I really have doubts about whether or not he can be trusted. It’s too bad I have to say that about a man who is a SBC pastor, because if he would do what he says he would do, he could be a great president. Unfortunately the doubts have been planted.


  5. Yes you are right. I am Canadian Iyov. I do find American politics interesting. Actually politics is something of a hobby for me. I also studied poli-sci in university so politics is easy for me to follow and understand.


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