Serendipity Bible: very helpful for small group study

I have been using the Serendipity Bible in my personal and small group studies quite frequently. I have found it to be a very valuable resource because it has been making it easier for me to lead bible studies with questions straight out of the same bible without flipping through pages and booklets. It asks the readers engaging questions to help leaders guide small groups into meaningful conversation about the passage. In each of the lessons, there are meaningful questions to engage the reader to think about how the passage relates to their own lives. This is a bible power-packed with 30,000 questions organized into 200 relational bible study lessons, which are also organized into 60 Felt Needs courses and 16 topical study courses (see PDF). It is primarily geared to leaders who lead group bible studies, but it is just as appropriate for personal study. In my personal opinion, it does not seem to be as widely used as it should be, so I thought I’d inform small group leaders out there about this great resource. I would recommend it to any bible study leader or those considering starting up a small group study, and also for those who want to go deeper in personal study. You will not go wrong with making an investment in this bible. It began with the New International Version (NIV) translation but now includes the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). It has been published by Serendipity House for 20 years and has been owned by Lifeway since 2002. It is available in both a hardcover and bonded leather.

Even though it is primarily marketed to the evangelical market, it is just as invaluable to evangelicals in mainline churches who use the weekly lectionary and hold regular bible studies. There are studies in Old Testament, Epistles, and Gospel lessons for each of the lectionary readings of the week—from years A to C. In Lutheran circles, the Lutheran Men in Mission Ministry (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) has asked Serendipity to publish a version of this bible. It is called Master Builders Bible for Men (NIV) and is available through Augsburg Fortress. It is almost virtually the same in content except for the cover. Our men’s bible studies have been giving it away for free to all the men who attend our men’s breakfast on Saturday mornings. It’s a great way to encourage and enable regular devotional bible reading. It is so well-liked that I have seen women using this bible that’s labelled for men”. In the past, it was also available in New American Bible (NAB), however, I do not know if it is still available today. The Catholic version was marketed as the NAB Catholic Serendipity Bible by Zondervan.

One thought on “Serendipity Bible: very helpful for small group study

  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I have been looking for a study bible for my son, and I was considering the one by Holman (Student study bible), but this one sounds a bit better. I have to compare them a bit more.


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