Word Alone is now New Epistles

Word Alone has a new name and is now called New Epistles. Please make this change to your blogroll. Thanks for visiting my blog and may the Lord bless you.

7 thoughts on “Word Alone is now New Epistles”

  1. Nice new look, Kevin! The new color scheme is attractive and freshens the appearance of your blog; but more importantly, it’s easy for these old eyes to read it! Good job!


  2. Cool! My wife and I spent a week in the heart of Rome 5 or 6 years ago. What an amazing place! We didn’t have a chance to see the catacombs – it would be worth going back to see more (and get away from the tourists).


  3. Thanks ElShaddai. It takes a lot of time to update a site and even more time to make it look half decent.

    I’ve seen the picture of the mosaic fish from somewhere before but didn’t know where it came from. Wow! 4th century. That is really something. It really makes a person really appreciate the rich history of the ancient church. And the header image of the fish on my blog are photos from a catacomb of the ancient church in the city of Rome. I think it dates back to between the 2nd and 4th centuries too.


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