Bible sales ranking for March

Here is the rankings for bible sales for the month of March from CBA.

BIBLE TRANSLATIONS – Based on Dollar Sales
1 New International Version
2 King James Version
3 New King James Version
4 New Living Translation
5 Holman Christian Standard Bible
6 English Standard Version
7 New American Standard Bible update
8 The Message Eugene Peterson,
9 Today’s New International Version
10 New American Standard

BIBLE TRANSLATIONS – Based on Unit Sales
1 New International Version
2 New King James Version
3 King James Version
4 New Living Translation
5 English Standard Version
6 Holman Christian Standard Bible
7 The Message
8 New American Standard Bible update
9 Reina Valera 1960 (Spanish)
10 Today’s New International Version

It looks like TNIV dipped a little from last month but the ESV and HCSB are holding steady in the middle of the pack.

5 thoughts on “Bible sales ranking for March

  1. The TNIV is rubbish. It’s the politically correct version of the NIV; I won’t be using the NIV anymore and I will discourage others to boycott it. It puts political correctness above accuracy, the NIV has had its time.


  2. quiting church over a translation issue? Find a new church, dont let this creep in as a self conceited excuse.


  3. I quite my church over what they started to preach about Today’s New International Version. They claimed its purpose was to absolve the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus. Personally, I think that is a load of anti-Semitic crap. They are getting there information from Tex Marrs.

    I think I am better reading my TNIV at home than attending most churches.


  4. Yes, I agree. There is a fear that the TNIV is incorrect because it tries to be gender-neutral where it the writer is speaking to both men and women. What gets me is that the NLT is also gender-neutral but it doesn’t get the negative publicity that the TNIV gets. Doesn’t seem fair.


  5. With all the negative nonsense and outright lying about the TNIV that’s going on, it’s a wonder that it’s even in the top ten. Whenever the TNIV translation is mentioned in my church, it’s amazing what people say and believe about it without ever checking out what is really truth.


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