Democratic candidate’s debate: Barack Obama

I haven’t been posting about biblical or theological issues but I’ll get back on track. Lately, I’ve enjoyed following the political race on both the Republican and Democratic parties. I was watching the Democratic debate tonight between the three major candidates: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, and John Edwards. It was the first time I’ve ever seen the three in debate. During the structured debate, I was really impressed with Barack Obama’s civility and level-headedness. He was able to express himself with a calm and cool that seems presidential. I think that if they were to be in a debate with the Republican presidential candidate, Obama would probably be able to stand up strongest under the highest pressure. What I perceived that was important was that Obama does not seem as divisive as Clinton in his demeanor. I think he would be most able to work with Republicans because of his willingness to cooperate across party lines. Obama does not seem to be an unrealistic idealist even though he does have ideals. Therefore, I think he would be more able to build cooperation across party lines. Barack also has a unique charisma that I haven’t seen in Clinton and Edwards. In this Democratic race, I predict that Obama and Clinton will n be a close race right to the end.

On the issue of faith, I think Obama and Edwards are most in touch with their Christian faith. Hillary is perceived as someone who beats down on evangelical Christians. This will be a liability for her. But I perceive that Obama, a member of the Church of Christ, treats evangelicals with a level of respect and will add to his credibility amongst evangelicals, and this will help him earn the trust of many Christians of different stripes.

4 thoughts on “Democratic candidate’s debate: Barack Obama

  1. Nathan, I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. When the USA is the most powerful country on earth, the US becomes a target. People in smaller countries like Canada and European nations love to bash the US but they don’t necessarily know why they hate the US. They just know that the USA is a big behemoth that can easily push its weight around on the world stage so they paint the USA as a big bully. When there is a bully, there is also a victim, and they take on a victim mentality. This is the love-hate relationship for the USA in the psyche of many people around the world who take on this victim mentality. What’s really ironic is that though they may hate the US, yet, they choose to immigrate to the US, and then tell everyone why Americans suck. If they don’t like Americans then why bother migrating to the US? I don’t get it.


  2. I have a friend in New Zealand who is more interested in US politics than almost everyone I know. He posted about the upcoming elections in a forum I participate in and the responses were very surprising to me. Virtually every comment was left by someone from Europe or another non-US citizen. I think because of our economic status in the world, and our ability to take unilateral military actions, many people in other countries feel they have a vested interest in the future (and current) leaders of our country.


  3. makes me curious to see how much interest there is in the US presidential race by a Canadian.

    Well Gary, most Canadians don’t know much about the US presidential race or about US politics in general. I lived down in the US for a few years so I learned about the American political scene so I find it interesting to keep in touch with what’s going on south of the border. Most Americans likely have no idea about Canadian politics because it’s never in the news but we get a lot of US news up here.


  4. I think your analysis is pretty good, Kevin. I tend to see the candidates through very conservative eyes, and it’s good to get somebody else’s point of view.

    And so I appreciate your analysis of the Democratic candidates. But it makes me curious to see how much interest there is in the US presidential race by a Canadian.


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