Mitt Romney wins Michigan primary

I have been following the campaign on CNN in the evenings. Mitt Romney from Michigan has just won the Republican primary in his home state of Michigan—a great comeback. I think he has an appeal to conservatives, evangelicals, and even some moderate Democrats. In my opinion, I feel that Romney has more appeal than John McCain, and Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist. Even though Huckabee seems to be the most conservative and evangelical, he doesn’t necessary has a strong hold on conservative evangelical votes, and neither does McCain. Evangelicals do not only vote for evangelical candidates but are also willing to vote for Mormons like Mitt Romney and Catholics like Rudy Giulliani. This says to me that evangelical voters are very open-minded about who they can see as their political leader. Evangelical voters feel that the economy is most important. Even though social issues are important, the economy is still number one in people’s mind.

I like Mitt Romney. I feel that Romney has depth in his campaign and in his political views. However, I do not perceive Giulianni as having the depth required to carry his campaign through to victory. Depth is most important in any campaign and depth will carry a candidate to victory as a Republican presidential candidate.

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