Advent season, Advent liturgy, and the Advent wreath

The music for this litugy is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” from A Quiet Knowing Christmas by Jeff Johnson –

The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival”. Advent season is celebrated in many churches with an Advent wreath. This first of four Sunday marks the beginning of the season of Advent. It begins with the first, ends with the fourth Sunday, and the grand finale is Christmas Day. The primary color of Advent is blue or purple, which symbolizes the color of royalty to welcome the Advent of the King. Many churches will have an Advent wreath made of evergreen boughs that will hold five candles. The first candle is traditionally the candle of Hope or Expectation (or Prophecy). It symbolizes the expectation of the soon and coming messiah. The third Sunday is marked by a pink or rose candle, which symbolizes Joy of the soon advent of Christ. Four candles are lit, one for each Sunday. On Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, the center candle called the Christ Candle is lit.

2 thoughts on “Advent season, Advent liturgy, and the Advent wreath

  1. Hi Rich, thanks for coming by my blog. I think I recognize your alias around the bible blogosphere before. We’ll we use blue for paraments but we are using a little purple in our advent candles. Some churches have gone all-blue candles. I like Advent too because it prepares my heart and mind to think about the real meaning of Christmas, which parts of our society has forgotten about. I hope to see you around later.


  2. Greetings. I just discovered your blog yesterday and have been reading through some of the posts.

    Advent is my favorite liturgical time of the year. The colors, the sense of expectation, the Advent hymns – which means keeping Christmas hymns for the Christmas season.

    I’m curious, does your church use purple paraments/stoles (more traditional color) or blue, adopted in the last 30 years?

    Rich Shields


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