The egalitarian versus complementarian debate

I am new to this egalitarian versus complementarian debate so I admit that I am ignorant of this terminology. I know but yet don’t technically know where I stand on this issue yet because I am not familiar with the terminology. In my effort to educate myself in this area I did some research to educate myself on the difference between the egalitarian and complementarian views. I came across a new blog called Complegalitarian and found one post called Shaeffer on Utopianism by Suzanne McCarthy. It had a string of interesting comments that were even more interesting than the post itself. They’re as long as a book. (Sorry Suzanne, it’s not to take anything away from your post).

If you want to educate yourself in this debate starting from ground zero, it might be easier to begin by reading this brief paper that attempts to layout the definitions between egalitarian and complementarian. Also, an interesting blog post I found was at Evangelical Resources (but it has remained inactive for a while now) describes the difference between complementarian view and a traditional view he calls the male dominance view. Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “The egalitarian versus complementarian debate

  1. Gary, I think both sides of the debate have good points. I believe they are all valid too and can also be supported by scripture. It`s a matter of interpretation, and that`s what makes it difficult. My denomination is also very egalitarian, probably just as much as the UMC. I do accept women in ministry and think it is a good thing so on this point, I`m egalitarian. But there seems to be problems on both sides of the debate too. They don`t give each other any wiggle room.


  2. Kevin, thank you for bringing up this issue. I’m sure it’s been hashed out over and over, but I am fairly new to the debate as you are, and I’d like to see a new discussion of the issue on our level.

    My own beliefs are from a more complementarian POV, but I belong to the UMC, which is extremely egalitarian, so I am forced to face the difference frequently, especially when dealing with our clergy and hierarchy.


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