New great posts

I hope to continue reading the interesting blogs in my circle of blogging friends while I’m away and preparing for my Taiwan trip. I won’t have time to write my own posts but some interesting post you should be sure to read are:

1. Suzanne McCarthy at Better Bibles Blog also has a very interesting post on Ephesians 5:21-33 that teaches men like myself that we are not superior to women, but rather, we are equals. It’ll help keep me humble toward my wife and make our relationship with our own wives go a long way. 😉

2. Joe Myzia who is new to TNIV Truth has blogged on some the TNIV’s difficulties in Changing he/him/his/himself TO they/them/their/themselves.

3. Gary Zimmerli at A Friend of Christ has a great post on some of his concerns with the NLTse which still shows some of its looseness in its paraphrastic tendencies inherited from the NLT1. But he counters it with it by saying he will still by an NLTse in leather. That’s great! And his thoughts on the TNIV’s Reference edition, one of which I will purchase for myself too.

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