A world that does not make sense

As I look at all the young faces at Virginia Tech murdered by the gunman named Cho Seung-Hui, I ask myself: “How could anyone do such a thing as to kill all these innocent people and then turn the gun on himself?” What could cause such a person like this to commit a murder of this magnitude, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Was it clinical delusions, mental imbalance, or sin and evil, or all of this?. I really don’t know and don’t know how to give an answer or reason for this sad and tragic event at Virginia Tech. I try to make sense of it but I cannot. This week is a week of mourning, especially at this time, we pray for the state of the VT students, their families, the state, and nation. Please remember to pray for the victims and their families. (For a Christian perspective, see Chuck Colson).

Lord, we don’t know the words the pray
but we ask that you help the victim’s family,

Be with them as they mourn for their loved ones—
their child, their friends, their father, their mother.
Let them know that You are there with them
in this time of extreme sadness, helplessness, and tragedy.

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