Zippori: important place not mentioned in the bible

It is curious that a very important city of Sepphoris (or Zippori) was never mentioned in the bible. Located only four miles northwest of Nazareth, it was the leading city and capital of the Galilee district at the time of Jesus. It is not mentioned in the Bible so it gives archaeologists intriguing insights into life in the Galilee, particularly at the time of Jesus’ childhood. It is a big center of business that Jesus would have walked and talked in, and where his disciples would have ventured through. It is the main cosmopolitan center that far outweighs Nazareth in importance. Jesus would have gone to this city nearby to go about his daily business where there was a large ampitheatre, businesses, and even a suburb. Odd it was not mentioned even once in the gospels…but then, there were probably a lot of other things not mentioned in the gospels too. (photo: colonnaded main street, and sidewalk of Zippori on other side of colannades; on-going excavation since 1996; ampitheatre)

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