Truth prevails – President Trump is acquitted

The left refuses to accept the fact that the whole impeachment trial was a sham and doomed to failure. It was based on false claims–claims that were cowardly faked via video editing.

Even though Trump’s lawyer publicly showed the doctored video clips of the left vs reality, the left-wing media still refuse to show what Trump really said (in full sentences). The leftist media have cut & edited out pieces of what he said and they expect the public to swallow their poison pill? No wonder there is growing anger toward the left. The left will not stop their hate. The national rift and division is growing.

NewsMax showed a very good comparison between the doctored version vs reality. Also check out Telegram and conservative-friendly social media to look for the full video playback of the comparison between the faked edited version of Trump vs the Trump reality. (Note, you won’t see reality on CNN and MSNBC; hence their nickname “fake news”).

What the larger American public does not know is that the mainstream media has manipulated Trump’s words and has set him up as a target. This is part of the elite’s plan to manipulate the American public to deceive millions of people. The public can no longer discern truth from fiction because the news media has been dishonest.

It is my prayer that God will intervene to open the eyes of the people.

Trump impeachment trial–a symptom of our hate?

[Updated Saturday afternoon on 13 Feb 2021: Now that the impeachment trials has ended earlier than scheduled, it shows it was baseless before it even began. Senators and congress men and women who wanted this trial to make a show. Some even Democrats walked out early because they knew they had nothing to stand on to make their case. Their weak arguments were collapsed by the truth that was revealed by President Trump’s attorney. God bless him. ]


Time to wake up from our spiritual slumber. We are in deep spiritual trouble.

These are symptoms that can reveal why our society is ill–not just of the covid-type but a spiritual sickness. A Danish philosopher (in 1849) once called this type of sickness a “sickness unto death.” It leads to a spiritual sickness caused by the human condition of sin.

The left like to bash Fox News. Conservative American people are turned off by the leftist mainstream media and left’s fakery, lies and hypocrisy. There is a lot of distrust on both sides. It’s all out in the open now that YouTube is hiding playback videos of inconvenient truth of the Democrat’s sham trial. YouTube is also deleting and demonetizing videos they do not like. Censorship by social media is happening. Reminds me of what authoritarian regimes like the CCP is doing in PRC China.

In a free and democratic republic like the United States, it boggles my mind that this could actually happen. Yes, hard to believe that news reporting has now come to such a low point where journalistic-editors in-charge are so blatantly hiding the truth. They do not want people to know the truth about President Trump–that he, in fact, did NOT incite violence on the Capitol.

In the past, words “Fight like hell” have been uttered by all the leading Democrat politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and yes, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders and countless others. They have all spoken these words on their campaign trails, and even in Congress and the Senate floors! These are all available for the public to see on video and written congressional transcripts. It’s all in plain sight.

The media and editors are selectively editing clips to make Trump look like he incited violence. They cut off words he actually used like “peace protest”. It is clear he did not incite violence.

The leftist media has been covering up the left’s incitement and encouragement of Antifa’s violence across many cities for weeks–including Kamala Harris, Schumer, Pelosi. This is very sickening for conservatives. It is no wonder conservatives have and are turning to other news networks.

The left has a lot of hatred against Trump and it is so obvious. Their hatred is blinding their own judgment as to what is right and wrong. The left’s hatred is driving their desire to deceive and lie. The goal is to oust and demonize Trump.

Has the right demonized the left and wanted impeachment of a Democratic president? Yes it has happened in the past in the days when President Bill Clinton was impeached. I remember those days.

No one is immune to hatred. Hatred is a spiritual condition common to all human beings. It affects Republicans just the same as it does Democrats. It can affect young and old, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and agnostics. It can drive human beings to pick up weapons like guns, knives, pipe bombs and even nuclear warheads. The sin of hatred affects groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and yes, even patriots. Hate caused the civil war and yes even the American Revolution. Wars are symptom of the sin of hate. At the heart and root of this is sin and evil.

The word “hate” has become a hot-button term used to label people as racist or zenophobic. People hate false labelling, and yes, it is a term that is abused today. It is seems to be more commonly misused these days to mislabel people they disagree with politically or philosophically. It’s used almost like a slur.

Actually, hate is recognized by the Christian church (and by other religions) as a sin. It is unseen; can be invisible to the eye. Hatred can even be hidden and made to look righteous. Hatred is one of those things, if left unchecked, can grow and fester within a person. It can manifest itself and drive a person to tell compulsive lies. We are seeing this in the mainstream media today.

One thing I’ve realized in the last few years now is that the mainstream media in America has become very unhealthy. The media is (if I may use the word) spiritually sick. Their stories and news reporting are unbalanced but they cannot see this about their own reporting. This sickness is spreading and causing society to become more sick. The lies and hypocrisy are symptoms of a spiritual sickness happening in America. As a result, the left and right are at war with one another. The country is more divided than ever.

There was once a time when two sides disagreed, they could disagree peacefully. I think we all wish we could return to those good old days. We can dream of a society where truth, honesty and integrity is upheld and practiced. We dream of heaven where one day, we can all see the light of truth. Earth is comparatively like hell on earth, especially for those who are following politics closely.

Today, conservatives and liberals are both hurting spiritually. There is anger, hatred and deep distrust in the hearts of millions of good American people–and people around the world. If allowed to continue and fester, there will be more social unrests. Uprisings will eventually manifest because of the problematic spiritual condition of sin.

I don’t want to over-spiritualize it, but I have wondered if this could be demonically driven. When does it get to the point of it being “demonic”? When people start making up lies to intentionally deceive the people, it crosses over to the demonic. When power and control are lusted after… when truth is set aside…we as a society, are in big trouble. I believe this division is a spiritual problem at the heart of it all.

We try to solve these problems using human means to structure society. We think we can use bio-genetics and AI artificial intelligence to rid our problem of human wrongs. It won’t.

We need to pray for the country. Uprisings, lying, deceiving are not going to solve our problems. At the root is the spiritual problem of sin. Technology cannot solve the problem of sin. Our society has fallen deep into a spiritual pit that we cannot get out of it.

This is where the light and truth of Christ can shine through and make a difference in our lives and in our world. Perhaps it is time for Americans and good people around the world to get on our knees to pray…pray for our mainstream media reporting…pray for our politicians of all stripes…pray that the Holy Spirit would move in our hearts to convict us of our wrongs. God will forgive us when we humble ourselves and pray in earnest repentance.

Thomas Sowell: from a Marxist to a conservative

Thomas Sowell. One of the most courageous conservatives who speaks his mind when it’s not convenient. He’s still one of America’s greatest socio-economic minds today but is now retired. I was assigned one of his books while in university. Today, I appreciate him even more. He isn’t just an economic philosopher and historian, but also an avid amateur photographer too — several things I’m also interested in. Here’s a great documentary on a man with a fascinating life of learning and perspective. He’s an inspiration to me and many people. He’s not only a great academic but also a hobby photographer who was genuinely interested in other cultures. A list of some of his books here.

Is white privilege divisive?

An interesting take on how to see white privilege. This has been taught in colleges/universities. For many, this idea has brought guilt and shame to whites and visible minorities. This practice of labelling people based on race and color has not brought healing. In some cases, it has brought division and perpetuated a victim-mentality. Maybe it’s time we try something else.

Globalist elites want to take away liberties and freedoms

The globalist elites will make trillions upon trillions of dollars with a “great reset” and possibly a worldwide takeover of the economy. Society is in danger of losing our rights, liberties and freedoms. The globalist elites will do whatever it takes in order to enable this economic and social “reset”; and Covid is the perfect and convenient excuse.

Millions of people have already lost their jobs, businesses and way of life. The globalists want to enlarge Amazon. Small businesses and local mom and pop shops will have to shut down to make way for the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. People will go bankrupt, lose millions on the stock market and the globalist elite will come in to swoop them up for pennies on the dollar. This is how they will enrich themselves. This was how the globalist elites made their billions after the great depression of the 1930s. It’s all happened before.

This is also a global thing. Believe me, the world is watching. Everyone is talking about this “great reset” or worldwide take-over. It’s no longer just a conspiracy; it’s all out in the open. Election fraud and corruption is the only way they can force this upon the people. Freedoms and liberties have already eroded all around the world. The same thing will happen around the world–Europe, Asia, Africa. This is the coming globalism. Some have called it “commonism.”

Hong Kong has already on the way of becoming another authoritarian controlled state. If the United States follows this path of socialism and centralized government, it might spell the end of the democratic republic. The right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, press freedom, etc. will slowly erode and disappear.

Americans need to re-read and learn the significance of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and documents like the Magna Carta and essays like the Federalist Papers. These are several of the main foundational documents of America’s democratic republic. I am not an expert on these documents but I believe these ought to be read and taught in schools and in university classrooms–both in and outside the United States. There is lots to be learned from the founders and drafters of the U.S. Constitution.

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is not the path to take. It is the wrong path for America and for any nation state. Marxism was not what built-up the United States. It was a limited form of government that enabled free market capitalism to exist in conjunction with the three branches of government: the executive branch (president), the legislature, and the judicial. It’s not always perfect due to human sin, but it is certainly much better than the alternatives of socialism.

Nations states that have taken the path of socialism have all been complete failures. Look at what it did to Russia and China in the early days. Marx’s ideology might be well-meaning on the outside, but at its core, it is evil and requires evil acts, lies and manipulation to implement this “great reset” within a free society.

Young people looking at higher learning, please seek out a good liberal arts education where you can learn the classics of American history and foundations documents like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers and the Magna Carta. These are invaluable to a free society and has largely been forgotten.

My father lived an early part of his life in Communist China (blogged about it here). He used to tell me the CCP was evil. I laughed, and didn’t take it seriously back then. Today, having seen what the CCP is doing to innocent Uyghers in Xinjiang, to the Christian Church, and to practitioners of Falun Dafa, I believe my father was totally correct in saying the CCP and Communist ideology was evil. The CCP blatantly abuse people’s basic human rights of freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and conscience. They also control the media and press in order to control the people. It is not a free country. They steal technology from the west and sell their goods back to the west.

I used to think this globalist elite was just some conspiracy, but today, we are witnessing its willful spread of deception, fraud, lies and corruption. It is happening before our eyes. This is no longer a conspiracy; it has now become a reality. The global elite have come out of hiding. They might also attempt to use the military and the police to intimidate and control the people. The free world will be weakened until it has become an empty shell.

If America goes, so goes the world. I cannot express the pain that faithful Americans are experiencing right now. The big lies of the globalist elite will undoubtedly drive a wedge of bigger divisions between the left and the right, and between freedom-loving Americans and those who don’t care either way. The country is now hugely divided right now and will become more divided if the Democrats continue to insist on impeaching Trump. Public anger will arise; it is heating up quickly.

Good Christian people, continue to pray for the future of America and for protection over the free world. Pray for our physical safety. If you are angry and frustrated by the left and globalist elites’ corruption and manipulation, use your righteous anger to do the right thing. Fight for freedom. Support truth, honesty and justice no matter what the globalists are doing. God will use his people and direct them in the pursuit for justice and truth.

Media and global elites covering up election fraud

Something strange is happening. Yes indeed. Election fraud has been ignored by the left-wing media. Their refusal to acknowledge the evidence in plain sight is enough evidence of their corruption and manipulation. Smells eerily similar to the state-owned media in countries like Communist China. Hearing of their fake reports on the radio and TV that corruption did not happen is enough evidence for me that the media truly is being controlled. Their claims of lack of any evidence of election fraud are complete lies and utter non-sense. They are lying and this is painful for millions in America.

The left-wing media mob have self-identified themselves as “fake news” because they have been faking the news and claiming what they espouse as “news”. Millions of discerning minds and hearts already knew this–even before Trump came on the scene and labelled them as “fake news”. They have been fake news for decades. We see through their lies.

Previously, the world had looked upon America as a land of freedom and where rule-of-law and free elections are upheld. Today, they are witnessing the corruption in American elections and wondering what the heck has happened to this free country.

I suspect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China may have had something to do with the election fraud. Yes, the CCP. The Communist party has bought out the Bidens and has given father and son millions to have access to manipulate election and fill their pockets with billions through backroom deals. It’s not only about Russia. It’s really more about Biden’s collusion with China. The Bidens have made millions from colluding with the CCP in China for years.

National unity is beginning to unravel. It has been fueled by the left-wing mainstream media who are playing into the hands of the globalist elite. The mainstream media is not any different from the state-owned centralized media in communist China. They say what they are told to say and dare not go off script. It is all scripted and forced by the editors who were hand-picked to sit in their editors chairs.

These globalists are also after our children in the public school system and university classrooms. They want to mold the minds of the future generations so that they can control them. They are trying to brain-wash them as early as possible. This was exactly how Communist China did it to generations of children in the 1940s-1950s. Get them indoctrinated into socialism while they are young. It solidifies their power and ability to control the masses. How do I know? Read this post here.

Let us pray that God’s will may arise from this chaos. The sovereign God is somehow in control, even in this chaos. Remain faithful in prayer and trust that God will somehow and one day deal with the injustices and corruption of the left and globalist elites. We must continue to do what is right and not fall into the temptation of dishonesty ourselves. Stay vigilant. Fight the good fight. In the end, truth will win.

We can expose the lies of the left and globalist elites

The left-wing, globalist elites and big-tech social media are exposing themselves for who they are. Hypocrites. They did NOT call for a stand-down when Antifa destroyed cities for weeks and months. The Democrats and social media did nothing; in fact, they told lies in calling Antifa’s destructive behavior as “peaceful”. That’s bull and the world knows it. This is why conservatives are now sick and tired of their lies. The mainstream media is dispicable. It is no wonder they are hated and their ratings and viewership has gone down.

The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC and their socialist crew members are fakes and liars and we all know it. They are now exposing their hypocrisy right in the open and are not even ashamed of it. They are acting like third-world totalitarian dictators. That’s what authoritarian do in countries like China and the former USSR.

You will notice that I’m not holding anything back. I have been very civil and have “held back” in the past but frustration has been building up for months. Now, no more Mr Nice Guy. I’m just letting it all out the last few posts to let the world know what I really think. I think millions of people are also fed up with the lies and corrupt agenda of the left. They have been shoving it down out throats and we are tired of it. We will not take any more of their crap, and we are not alone. We must stand together to continue exposing their lies. They have demonized Trump and now they will be demonizing us plus millions of other freedom-loving people of all political stripes around the world.

Trump is one man the globalist elites fear most

Trump is the one president who can bring down the globalists and the globalist elite know it. They fear him because they know he has the courage to do try to bring them down. They have been using the mainstream media to bully Trump through libellous claims. They are misleading the public and falsely making him out to be a racist, and anti-this and anti-that.

President Trump is the one person in many generations who has the courage to stand up against the globalist elite. That’s why they want him impeached ASAP and push Biden into the Whitehouse.

In the past four years, Trump has weathered through all the lies the globalist elites and Democrats were able to dish out on him (ex. Russian collusion and many other hoaxes). They know he is a tough guy; they fear him; and they are desperate to get rid of him. It is why they designated him as their target even before he was inaugurated into office.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would allow the “great reset” to happen. What is this “great reset”? It is the goal to tear down our traditional society and re-create a new economy and society controlled by a small group of invisible globalist elites.

Who are the vehicles of change? Antifa. Who and what is Antifa? Antifa are modern-day socialists. People like Harris and AOC sit in congress but are really Antifa at heart. They have been brain-washed and indoctrinated to think like Antifa. Believe me, they are Antifa at heart. Harris is a proponent of socialism, as are the rest of the socialists gang. They are the people quietly behind the Antifa and urging them on to conduct violent acts on the streets.

Furthermore, this makes them complicit to violence. They did not say one thing against Antifa’s violent behavior when they destroyed American cities over a period of months. But they were quick to denounce Trump supporters at the Capitol over just one day of mostly peaceful protest.

What does this mean? It also means Harris, AOC, Pelosi and Schumer have incited violence during Antifa’s destruction of American cities. They have condoned their violence and are guilty themselves for destroying public property and the private property of business owners who put their sweat and tears into their work.

I predict there will be many other types of groups that will arise from future social unrests. Globalist elite have paid people associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa to conduct violent acts and storm into Congress on 6th of January while posing as Trump supporters. Yes, some BLM have admitted to being paid to do this. The globalist elite do not see it coming but the chaos and unrest they themselves have created through their division and lies will in turn breed more chaos and unrests.

Do they think we are ignorant of their evil plots? Even some traditional Democrats are now beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. They are walking away from the Democratic Party in larger numbers. African Americans and visible minorities are also walking away from the Democrats and joining the movement to support Trump because they are seeing the corruption happening before their eyes.

Trump is a tough character, and yes, he is not a perfect man, but neither was King David of the Old Testament. God uses imperfect people to do the right things. God has used Trump and his courage to make hard decisions and do the right things for America. I believe he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of the United States. So stay the course. Support your president until his last day in office. God is still in control in the midst of chaos.

Leaving Twitter

As most of you know, Trump recently got banned by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It makes me wonder if my mention of “Trump” here on this post will get me banned any where else on the internet. This fear is common to millions of us and it’s an indication of the environment we are living in today. There is a spirit or feeling that authoritarianism is on the rise in our world today. It sparks feelings of fear. This has been fueled by the globalist elite who are using the left-wing, mainstream media and big tech to help do their bidding. They financially support Antifa to conduct violence on the streets and help fuel the fear they have created.

A few days ago, I cancelled my Twitter account. You know, I really don’t care about Twitter anymore. I’ve lost any love and respect I had for Twitter. They have abandoned free speech and freedom of thought. This world can live without Twitter as far as I’m concerned. I’m now considering cancelling my Facebook account as well. I am not a ‘zucker’. I am also considering dumping Gmail and will slowly work toward the goal of being free from Google’s manipulation of my personal and private data. I am sick of big tech taking advantage of my personal information and selling to enrich their greedy pockets. If you’re thinking of doing the same, I encourage you to do leave Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It is my hope and prayer that God will raise up a generation of new and young leaders who care of truth and freedom of conscience. You who are young and are growing up in this technological age, may God use you to build up an infrastructure that will be used to promote truth and honesty.

We’re sick of the lies from the left and globalist elites

In my post on “A need to investigate the anamolies in election“, this YouTube video was removed by YouTube. This recent attaco by the left-wing to censor any voice, conservative or not, who merely expresses an opinion are now labelled as “inciting violence”.

Well, guess what. I am a conservative. I’m not white. I’m Asian. I never thought of myself as racist; nor violent. I teach and preach about tolerance and peace. But as the left-wing would have it, they would love to label anyone who doesn’t see the world as they do with a derogatory term, like violent, extremist, racist and intolerant and whatever other B.S. line they have for people who don’t agree with them. Why? In order to de-legitimize people who hold a different view from them. They cannot tolerate freedom of thought and free speech; neither does the Chinese Communist Party. This is what they have in common. They are intolerant!

So I ask myself: Am I violent? If you were to meet me in person, I don’t think you would think of me as violent. The left will find it more convenient to label peaceful people like myself as a racist, bigot, and intolerant. They prefer to call what is wrong, right; and what is right, wrong.

Isn’t the left and liberalism all about tolerance and civility toward differing voices? I had thought so. Isn’t classical liberalism about tolerance? We know about free speech and freedom of thought and ideas but today merely expressing another different opinion makes one “violent”? What a horribly intolerant display from the left! This is inexcusably hypocritical. That’s why we are sick of their lies, hypocrisy and censorship of speech they disagree with.

If you are reading this and feel the same, don’t give up hope. There is hope that in the end, evil and wrong will be found for what they are–evil and wrong. If you are sick and tired of blatant disregard for truth and honesty, God understands. I believe God will raise up a generation of people who will speak the truth with courage. We must continue to pray for strength and pray for the next generation of young people who will not tolerate lies and corruption. In the end, truth will prevail.

George Washington’s Vision at Valley Forge

A need to investigate the anomolies in election

The corrupt mainstream media, the deep state, and the election system are causing millions of Americans to lose trust in the system. This is bigger than Trump, bigger than the Democratic and Republican parties. It is about the republic.

The democratic republic is falling apart. If the justice system does not intervene, it may spell the end of a free America. Is it too late? I do not think so. The reputation and trust in the justice system is on the line today. There is hope yet, but the Supreme Court justices must act NOW. Otherwise, public trust in the justice system will be zero and beyond repair.

Why is the mainstream media not investigating the anomalies in the sudden change in numbers that occurred over night? They did not stop counting, shut out observers, and acted in secrecy. They also used the corrupt Dominion counters that were used to corrupt fraudulent elections in other countries. These same Dominion counters were used in the swing states. These machines were hacked. This is extreme fraud to the hilt. It is VERY interesting the Dominion head offices in Colorado and Toronto recently shut down; and website information on their heads disappeared from the website. Why? Fear of investigation.

There is also deep political influence from members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP and the deep state are intertwined in this 2020 election. Fraud is now widely known, and is undoubtedly at the center of this election. There is China-collusion between the Democratic Party, the deep state, and the CCP. Americans need to wake up. China is on a strong path toward global hegemony using “unrestricted warfare.”

The mainstream media is being controlled by influencers because it wants puppets in place. Puppets will open back doors to allow webs of control to gain a pathway into the American mind and structure (i.e., political, social and economic structures). The American republic and other free nation-states are in danger of being hegemonized by a globalist deep-state.

The deep state would like you to believe that Trump is racist, a liar, and anti this-and-that. But the alternative will become a global hegemony, where rule of law will not exist. The alternative will be the rule of the state, and true freedom will be greatly diminished. Globalists will become the rulers and become enriched through corrupt business practices. If allowed to continue, ordinary Americans will become extremely disappointed they even considered voting for the Democrats and realize that this election was more than about Donald Trump vs Biden. Americans will eventually realize it was about upholding the great American republic and the freedoms and liberties it has held dear for over two centuries.

[Update: I did not remove this video below. I think it was removed by YouTube. Censorship by mainstream media is now being done right in front of our eyes. ]

An ex-Antifa tells his story why he left Antifa

FACT CHECK: Does the Antifa Flag Resemble a Nazi Flag?

The Antifa movement is astute at organizing. They infiltrate movements that start out with good intentions but inject Marxists ideas into them. Marxists and socialists will hide behind the mask of Democrats and Democratic-socialists and the Black Lives Matter movement. They don’t want to be seen. They lurk in the shadows to hide their violent and intolerant nature. Antifa is a movement that every freedom-loving citizen of the world need to be aware of. Anti-facism has mobilized violence on city streets and have breeded intolerance toward its opposition, namely, the freedom that represents what America and free nation states stand for. I’m not posting this to attack Antifa but to bring to light and how we can overcome it.

If you’re a conservative like me, you understand what I’m getting at. As conservatives and libertarians, we don’t understand why liberal, socialists antifa-types hate conservatives. This dichotomy grows when we fail to try to understand one another; it has led to the polarization we have today. College and university professors who breed intolerance through antifa are inciting hatred, anger and violence. There is no love and compassion in what they espouse.

Gabriel Nadales, immigrated to the United States with his family from Mexico at age 9. He grew up learning in college that America was his enemy. He tells his story how and why he got into this movement. Today, he has left Antifa because he gradually saw the light–that America was not his enemy. I suspect, he must have had a spiritual experience that brought him into the light a little later in his college years.

Gabriel explained that the American dream is not about the stereotypical fantasy ideas of money and riches. There are countries in this world where there are more rich people than in the United States. So then, what is the American Dream? It is about freedom–the freedom to succeed or to fail.

I like how Gabriel explained to his hosts, in this interview with Calvary Chapel, that the “American dream is this beautiful idea that you can come to this country and have the freedom to succeed or to fail. If you fail, you can stand up… you are the maker of your own path” (see links below).

Nadales has written a book: “Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist” (on Amazon).

He warned of past movements of Marxism and socialism in history. They had infiltrated the cause of the oppressed worker in China. Maoism had turned China backwards. It has harmed their personal, social, political and economic freedoms for decades. We cannot afford to go down this widely trodden road that China and many countries have already ventured into in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. They have paid the price of induced and perpetual poverty, and of social and religious oppression.

In the past, I blogged about China’s failed experience of Communism. Today, we need to learn about Antifa and their methods of organizing so that we can recognize what they are doing to our young people in our educational institutions and social media. They are trained organizers. Organizers ushered in Communism into China so we must not under-estimate the power of trained organizers.

We also need to mobilize and organize educational programs, lectures and speeches on freedom. Without the free-flowing ideas of liberty, we will lose our liberties. I love freedom and my liberties and I’m sure many of us do too. But unless we protect them and actively teach to our young people, liberty and libertarian ideas cannot blossom into our beloved and glorious freedoms. We can protect our future, freedoms and liberties by actively teaching our young people why they are so precious and valuable in the past and for today.

I also believe that in the end, we cannot have freedom for the sake of freedom. Freedom is only powerful when it is founded on love and compassion. This is what the good news of the gospel brings. We are not hateful people. We are people who are compassionate and motivated by love for our neighbors. Love and mercy is what holds up and gives reason to why we have freedom and liberties in the first place. May we remain faithful to God’s calling to love our neighbors; and may God remain faithful to help uphold our freedoms.


Interview on YouTube, Part 1:

Interview on YouTube, Part 2:

Chinese Virologist Reveals Coronavirus Cover Up by CCP

Dr Li-Meng Yan, MD, PhD, the virologist from China, is interviewed by Patrick Bet-David. Another thought-provoking interview. I’m not a scientist so a lot of stuff she said went way above me my head. People in the biology-virology field need to pay attention to what she has to say. She is credible and reasonable.

I hope YouTube does not take down this interview. The truth needs to be revealed and verified. She could be a key to the truth the world needs to hear. She also needs to be protected from the CCP who will try to silence her. May God be with her and protect her.

North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China

Got to watch. Patrick Bet-David and defector Yeon-mi Park on his channel Valuetainment. This was one of the most fascinating interviews I have heard about North Korea and the life they live. Life in this false utopic Communist state is something we in the west don’t get to hear about. Very eye-opening. Thanks Patrick and Yeon-mi.